Hoot Owl


About Us


Good food. Good people.


We  serve simple, yet delicious food in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Like us, the food will be mostly American, with a global influence. 

We strive our best to source local ingredients that are delicious, healthy, and provide the most benefit to the local community: socially, environmentally, and economically. 

We hope you will join us.

-Arif and Sabeen 





Arif was born and raised in the Hudson Valley. He has a professional background in community planning and global disaster relief management. In all of his work, he sought  to build connections between people, to make great things happen. Now, he hopes to do more of that  in the most basic way...through good food. 

Sabeen was born and raised in New Jersey.  She is a registered architect and a cook. She is brilliant and funny. And she makes everything better. 

Sabeen and Arif got married in 2016.  In 2017, they adopted and will raise the Hoot Owl, until it flies gracefully on its own. They currently live above the Hoot Owl.

Sabeen and Arif were assisted in the kitchen by chef Johannes Sanzin. Johannes earned rave reviews from the New York Times and Village Voice while cooking in the top restaurants in NYC such as Boule, Le Bernadin, Pitchoune and others. Seriously.  We are not quite sure why he agreed to help  us start up the Hoot Owl. But we were so grateful to have his guidance in developing our unique menu. We have now been joined by local chef Israel Rivera.  Look forward to an evolving menu!



The  building was originally constructed in 1856. At the time, the area was known as the hamlet of DwaarsKill. The building served as the post office, the general store, and according to local lore, at one time functioned as the local brothel.   It has been known as the Hoot Owl since 1947. It was most recently owned by Alfonse Mercurio, who operated a successful restaurant for many years. The Hoot Owl has been closed to the public since 2013. On May 10th, 2017 we re-opened this community gathering place.