* Live Music this Saturday February 9th with the Wood Bees. 8PM. Free!

* Valentine’s Day Dinner on Thursday February 14th. Call to make a reservation: 845-670-4668

* Every Sunday 2:30-4:30PM - Acoustic Music Jam - Hootenanny!

* Twice per Year in Fall and Spring - Live Owls with Annie Mardiney of Wild Mountain Birds!

* Every Saturday in August and September 10:00AM-2:00PM - Hoot Owl Farm Stand - Fresh Produce from local farmers


Here is what other people are saying (while asking us to hold plates of food)

Times Herald Record: June 5, 2017

Times Herald Record: June 5, 2017

New owners reopen historic Hoot Owl eatery in Shawangunk

TOWN OF SHAWANGUNK - Unexpected but pleasantly surprising - that’s how the reopened Hoot Owl restaurant has been described, according to new owners Arif Khan and Sabeen Hasan.

From the history of the building to its staff, the unexpected balances out to create a colorful community institution on Awosting Road.

Khan, 43, used to work for the United Nations doing disaster relief management in Africa, Asia and the Middle East; and Hasan, 37, is an architect.

The couple, just married in September 2016, are admittedly “unlikely restaurateurs,” Hasan said. The two used to pass by, seeing the small, handwritten “For Sale” sign...

Cooking it up in Pine Bush

Cooking it up in Pine Bush

Does this sound familiar? On a Friday night, after a week of work, you just want to go to a place where you can hang, relax, enjoy a nice cocktail or a cold beer and of course, get something good eat.

That is just the type of place the Hoot Owl is.

Owners , Arif Khan and Sabeen Hasan, opened the Hoot Owl in May with the sole intention of making a place where guests could find really good food and really good people.

When I’ve been there, that is exactly what I found (and the drinks were really good too).

New Paltz Times: June 7, 2017

New Paltz Times: June 7, 2017

Gardiner couple reopens Hoot Owl bar/restaurant in Dwaarkill

Arif Khan and Sabeen Hasan have reopened The Hoot Owl in Dwaarkill. The restaurant originally opened in the 1940’s and closed in 2013. The Khan’s have taken it over and given it a new twist. The Hoot Owl is located at 26 Awosting Road. 

There’s something about a country roadhouse bar that is quintessential Americana, evoking images out of a Hank Williams song from a decade long past...

Fed Well Blog: June 9, 2017

Fed Well Blog: June 9, 2017

The Hoot Owl Restaurant in Pine Bush

Many locals are more than familiar with the location of the Hoot Owl or "The Hoot," but for those who are not, it is located at 26 Awosting Road outside of Pine Bush.  Some may have known it as a dive bar, but now it has had a remodel, redo and updating that made me very curious.  So, I grabbed one of my best friends and made the quick trip to take look, have a taste and see if I would be Fed Well...